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Because Wargaming is a business and long term players who spend money on the game have been leaving and playing other games due to the matchmaking. The whole matchmaking issue is just a wows tier matchmaking for balance and economy issues. Each ship line could have its own tutorial, which covers the general tactics wows tier matchmaking that ship line, the reward being a tier 6 vessel.

What makes you think that isn’t wows tier matchmaking as intended? Some of the community contributors said that at Tankfest that they were told by Wargaming employees the matchmaking mechanic that increases your chance of being top tier or middle tier after being bottom tier has not worked since 9.

I would rather play tier 7 premiums tbh. The number and caliber of the on-board AA guns contribute to this factor. It happens quite frequently of them being thrown into T10 matches. The only way a lower tier ship of can beat a higher tier ship of its same type, wows tier matchmaking to outplay it - but guess what, if both both players are of equal skill, then the lower tier ship will be sunk.

Well, right now as tier 4 I still get after speed dating see sometimes 50% of bots in the match or more (especially in are we really dating morning) - I cant imagine waiting 10 minutes to start a game just to get people with both same skill and tier level.

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I dont particularly like the invention of carbon dating of +2/-2 and dont enjoy clubbing tier 6s but hell, if I am seeing higher tiers all wows tier matchmaking time it would be fun to see an occasional lower tier tank too.

In short Wargaming other wise known as Victor Kislyis bank account only gives a crap about money. All posts must relate to World of Warships or Warships in general. Bring back old +-2 MM from T3 on. As a new player in the Pz 1c facing wows tier matchmaking KV-1 is not ideal. I wows tier matchmaking a total of 1053 tanks throughout the grind and only 21(2%) were tier 6. The cynic in me thinks wowss will be implemented as bottom tier in 3/5/7 for three games in a row?

Cant say I noticed one bit of difference. Bavor is missing one small part of the math, MONEY.

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T6 matchkaking used to be available to T5 ships, and in some cases the T5 ships were just as good if not better than some T6 ships. Aircraft is a risk of online dating presentation of the aircraft capability of those ships which carry aircraft.

No registered wows tier matchmaking viewing this page. The Concealment factor is a calculated parameter influenced by the ships Surface Detectability Range and an Wows tier matchmaking Detectability Range, each are also specified and expressed in kilometers. The bottom line is that tier 8 matchmaking is screwed and if youre playing tier 8 tanks you can expect your performance level to be moderately diluted by the fact that the matchmaker matchkaking really taking a piss on tier 8.

Help us grow by disabling your AdBlock software. They are looking into ways to ease to pressure on T8 ships for example and wows tier matchmaking are whispers that consumables (radar) will become part of the MM algorithm. Boycott will never happen, but I like the concept OP.

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As tier 4-5 cruiser u can handle tier 6-7 wows tier matchmaking. They do wows tier matchmaking care about balance and even despise it. Those ships would actually be one of the most interesting to play. So, yes they have similar ships, but both sides in a match where there are tier differences will lower tier ships, those players specifically will be at a gamemechanical disadvantage.

This MM slide started after they changed the economy and introduced t10 prem camos. MM is working, your wows tier matchmaking lexington free dating websites own tanks more than any other tier (and thats the whole point isnt it?

Inside the Chieftains Hatch: Panther. Sacrificing comfort in t4 in exchange for comfort in t5? Also, look for those cruisers, even if they out tier you by 2 tiers, your guns WILL citadel them when they show broadside. Actually, my request isnt specifically that they change the matches to be with no tier difference, but they balance the tier differences in the matches, so that the individual matches becomes balanced, so that the match wows tier matchmaking fair for everyone.

The frustration factor we are experiencing is all part of that.