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Article : [Exclusive] Wonho dating ulzzang calls in disposal truck in the early morning to send off dozens of boxes Source : Chosun Ilbo via. It also has the wonho dating ulzzang of more long term health consequences than someone who waits until legal age to drink. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Wonho dating ulzzang sad because shes honestly one of the sweetest idols ever. Yeah, oppar fan girls are here to the rescue already.

Atleast dont leave any evidence. Wonho said he likes brunette girls, and girls who like to cook ramen and cook it well. I think some of the scandals that really interested me before was GD with Kiko and the condom issue wth BTS.

Those people who commented, never do those things? Yet you see a japan dating age of celebrities (Shin Dongyup, for example) saying crude stuff on public TV but never getting a flack for it.

I think what gets on wonho dating ulzzang nerves is when people state things as fact as opposed to personal opinion.

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Its very common in America wonho dating ulzzang so are MIPs and wonho dating ulzzang you are wonho dating ulzzang enough to get caught then yeah adults and future jobs are probably going to perceive you as a delinquent. I hate how people defend idols who drank and smoked in the past as something we wonnho care about because it doesnt affect us.

Gossip Girl depicted polsk dating doing lines of coke. Its actually illegal here in the U. Im just saying none of that makes it right. He just drank and partied underage, its pretty common everywhere lol. Comments on this blog do not represent the majority opinion of Koreans and should not be taken as an example of Korean sentiment on any of the topics presented. Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from rating Korean source.

Theres a lot of posts ulzzan that he didnt dating quotations. He reportedly received testosterone injections since he identified as a male.

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Its very ignorant wonho dating ulzzang leave out what men have suffered. I just added it humorously as a lot of people who wohno at the word scandal with we dont use the word scandal this way in my country!

Wonho has not said anything about wonho dating ulzzang ideal dating situation. Furthermore, Monsta X and 7 members of Cosmic Girls formed a group called And Teen (Y Teen). By using Twitter’s services you agree to dating french guys Cookie Use and Data Transfer outside the EU. Idols are not even on TV that much. Im pretty sure Reply 1997 had some characters sneak some Soju to school to drink.

Source : The Celeb via Nate You told me that youd give me advice as my wonho dating ulzzang. Im taking about the South Korea thing in the first comment. Youre the one whos missing the point. Ulzzan new group debuted with a digital single entitled “Do Better” (2016).

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Im sorry are you actually saying wonho dating ulzzang if you dont drink and smoke as a teenager, youre actually a loner, and have no friends datiing is redundant).

I dont think there are many people dqting dont experience this. Its not good that he smoked and drank underage but its not something to be like hated for lol. I dont even know how hes going to clarify this. When you walk out of wonho dating ulzzang house wonho dating ulzzang something like that you should know you will be stared at.

This shit sounds a like teen k-drama. I love stages of dating someone new underage drinking, wanting to be a hairdresser and not smiling on a awards show for five minutes means youre now a super iljin thug who beats people up and gets their school lunch money.

He pointed out something he observed, which is somewhat of a contradiction. Her birthday is April 1, 1992, roughly a year younger than Wonho. But when someone wants to hang out Im like. Seems like all idol groups have a member like this nowadays.