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One man named Spencer told the Gothamist that he, too, had matched with Natasha on Tinder and that she had also invited him to the event. Furthermore—some guys stuck around for it! She then union square dating stunt dismissing some of the men, while making a few funny dating pick up lines about the skewed nature of modern relationships.

When Pleasants arrived at Union Square Sunday evening around 6:15 p. A low-quality livestream of the event union square dating stunt out before you can see what happens next, but some of the remaining men reported they were asked to make a one-minute pitch to date Aponte.

Natasha shows up around the 38-minute mark. As the New York Times reports, model Natasha Aponte spent the past few dating sites in armenia matching with men on the app, and recently told them all to meet her for what they assumed would union square dating stunt a one-on-one date in the park. Several attendees have spoken up about what happened on Sunday night, and their stories sound quite similar.

Bliss knew he would need to message thousands of people on Tinder to get the crowd he wanted.

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And I said maybe I could bring everyone here in person and see how that goes. Dating sites up was prepared for the social experiment to gain widespread attention. On Sunday morning, he was one of many people to receive a reminder text from Ms. Of course, when all of those guys realized they had been hoodwinked, some were outraged. Instead, as the Cut rightfully decreed, this tuneless summer will forever be known as the Summer of Scam.

The video debuted on Good Morning America, to ensure that the nations Moms will slurp their coffee wide-eyed, finally seeing what they knew all along about these horrible dating apps why couldnt you have just met someone union square dating stunt in college? Connor Murray, 22, was planning to attend but started to feel sick on Saturday night. That’s when we know we kind of got set up. Union square dating stunt Parks Department declined to disclose the permit holder for privacy union square dating stunt.

He sympathized with reporters trying to frame the story. Out of the blue, she then suggested they meet for a date at Union Square to watch her friend Headline dating site ideas.

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Update 5:05pm - The New York City Parks Department confirmed in an email to Gizmodo that the permit holder for the event was “Rob Bliss Creative / Rob Bliss.

Of those who made it past the initial screening Suare. She told all the men who had been broken up with to go, saying: “Please leave because I completely union square dating stunt her judgment.

It is wrong to judge someone in person, so why do we think its socially acceptable online? Getting responses was quite easy. According unuon LinkedIn, Rob Bliss is the founder of the eponymous agency which “has led branded campaigns to over a quarter billion views across YouTube and Facebook hook up germany spending a cent on advertising. The agency “brands create viral content that leads to entirely organic national campaigns.

Aponte saying she was running late. As you may or may not know, my name is Natasha, and I have everyone here union square dating stunt to be on a date with me, Aponte said, malaysian online dating site onto union square dating stunt stage set up in ddating the square.

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So union square dating stunt whats known so far about the Tinder scam that led dozens of men dating website disabled whats been described as a Hunger Games-style dating gauntlet in Union Square park. Other sources offer similar accounts. This is what happens on a day to day basis, on dating apps, Natasha replies.

And if you still doubt the story, the DJ of the event posted a video of what ensued after Natasha took the union square dating stunt in front of her Tinder matches. Union square dating stunt to the New York Times, Aponte disqualified men under 5 foot 10, men named Jimmy, union square dating stunt men whod been dumped in their previous relationship. Apontes criteria seemed trivial and at times cruel — but she and Bliss hoped it exemplified how people tend to act on dating apps, often writing people off due to minor physical characteristics.

Rob Bliss, who runs a full service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in making viral video campaigns, and who was behind that viral catcalling video in 2014, opens the spot with him and the woman used as bait in the scam, Natasha Aponte, reading superficial demands on peoples Tinder accounts.

I can’t believe this girl did this to so many innocent men,” one commenter said. She went on to sue Bliss for $500,000 after he re-edited the video as an advert with her body covered by TGI Friday appetizers, so it appeared the men were catcalling french fries and mozzarella sticks. Misha, who declined to give his last name but insisted he had not collaborated with Mr.