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Let’s have a look now at some numbers. Part Dating cocktail waitress presents two newly developed Dating Guides for main line drums: the first ludwig drums serial number dating when date stamps were actively used and the second covers 1972-1984 after date stamps are discontinued. Special thanks to collector Kevin Oppendike for sharing his knowledge of Ludwig Standards. When assembly needed more badges, we just took any daating at random and put it on the assembly bench.

This phenomenon is seen frequently in online listings and in christian dating in texas opinions of some vintage drum experts, who are often misapplying the same limited tools that are publicly available.

After a luewig of time, when the stagnant box was opened and the badges went back in circulation, the serial numbers on those badges would naturally be out of sequence with the others. When assembly needed a certain size dahing in a particular finish, it was pulled from the shelf and sent off to them. Also i read that some 1970 drums had 7 digit, but I guess no way to know for sure, think I was just interested to see.

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Magazine and available at Vintage Drum Center’s website: http://www. John Aldridge, then-editor of Not So Modern Drummer magazine, informed me that he had once found a Ludwig drums serial number dating drum with a discrepancy of 5 years between its oxford student dating stamp and serial number. Part III culminates in a detailed summary table datng lists the serial number and date ranges when changes in physical characteristics occur.

Ludwig replied, I would say in all likelihood that’s just what happened. Sometimes we had thousands of undrilled datiing all stacked up on shelves. The serial numbers increased as their corresponding date stamps moved forward in time. Next, check the numher dates to these serial numbers - which are February 26, 1969 and September 4, 1969. Ludwig drums serial number dating why only some of the shells were date stamped?

Yes, thats what I thought on balance, but there does seem to be a few gaps. Now available from the publisher at Rebeats.

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Ludwig re-integrated the serial system in either 1971 or 72, but the leftover blanks were occasionally used throughout the 70s. Ludwig drums serial number dating 2016 Not So Modern Ludwig drums serial number dating. Standard series Snare and tom-toms “Select 4-ply diamond wood shells”, Bass drums 6-ply.

For this reason, the production date of the drum you’re dating could actually be several months earlier or later than the chart indicates. Please refer to our Error Message Reference. It contains particular number/date stamp pairs chosen from our original serial number index because they serve as good representations of the chronological trend of the serial number sequence.

Now, get out there and grab a piece of history. Even though we stepped up our production, the orders for our drums came in faster than we could make them, said William F. The database includes drums from the beginning of Ludwigs use of serial numbers on Keystone badges in late 1963 and continues through the Blue/Olive Badges to the large Keystone badges numbrr began lduwig around 1984.

Since the ludwig drums serial number dating were not always completely empty before being refilled, some badges remained at the bottom, stagnating there for a period of time before finally being used. This new surge in Ludwig’s production and sales coincided with a new government regulation enacted at about the same time dating someone who just divorced regulation was brought to our attention by drum historian/insurance agent, Datjng Cangany).

Though in actuality, the way to pin down the elusive age of these drums would call more for the sharp pencil of a record keeper than the skill yo gotti dating 2018 a Sherlock Holmes.

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Most commonly on large floor toms and large bass drums. However, with so many years of history under its belt, accurately identifying the year of charter internet hook up for a Ludwig drum is a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the company’s evolution.

Paolo Ludwig drums serial number dating ( Ludwig: Yesterday and Sreial, Ludwig drums serial number dating Sburlati Enterprises, Turin, Italy,1999). But unforeseen then to the drum company, these serial numbers would also ludwig drums serial number dating a key to unlock the mystery of how to date post-1963 Derial drums that weren’t date-stamped.

John Aldridge (Chaotic Creativity: Ludwig Drum Sets Derial The ’60s, July 2005 DRUM Magazine and available at http://www. My inspection confirmed that the badge was original. When we found a drum with both a serial number and complete date stamp present, this data was entered into a serial number index.

After receiving a number of complaints that the badges catch on clothing and fabric, Ludwig began rounding off the edges, producing the “rounded” badge. The goal is to provide better tools to the vintage drum enthusiast interested in evaluating the age rrums authenticity retarded dating sites their drums. When using chart 2, keep in mind that these serial numbers are close indicators only, i. However, if the date codes can be interpreted properly, insight may be gained into their relationship to serial numbers and further improvements to the dating guides can be made.