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I/II/III, SX, Serveta, GP(DL) — 3. Colours Available 200 - White, panel colours Red, Online dating protector australia, Gold, Blue, Black and Purple. These were the smallest engine Lambretta produced, lambretta frame number dating in a strong would need exhaust power to keep it moving! This turned as you turned the steering, unlike the S1 which faced forwards which ever way the handle bars were.

Identify the TV 200 Lambretta concessionaires convinced Lambretta Innocenti wordpress dating app produce a 200cc model due to customer demand for more power and speed. All subsequent Lambretta models adapted this principal. Identify the 150 Lambretta frame number dating 150 version had polished alloy handle bar housings, alloy channels with rubber inserts on the top. What is the number that lambretta frame number dating with IGMxxxxxx?

Parts supply is excellent We Say As with the S1 Lambrettas, the S2 follow on with exactly the same classic looks but with the headlight in the headset, also little lambretta frame number dating and heavier then the later models, but easy to ride, and repair. The French made Ld was largely always based on the Mk2 version. Parts supply is hard with most items needing to be sourced via Italy, although some parts are interchangeable with the Model D.

The D/LD is the last of the shaft driven models, and welding lead hook up very well made, over engineered in fact.

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Li150 models were offered in two-tone paint schemes, and came with rubber one liners for online dating profile strips. Some parts are no longer available (i. Parts supply is good for trims, badge and resotration parts, not so good for engine parts or bodywork, having said that engines are normally good for 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Not many exist now as the pull start was inherant with problems, most models were subsequently converted to kick start. Innocenti always produced a three wheeled commercial vehicle along side their two wheeled scooters. When this is the case, the earlier variation of the part is lambretta frame number dating the pre-mod part. The Series two was pretty much identical to the Lambretta frame number dating ones except the head lamp was now in a larger head set housing.

Tony Tessier - Moto Giro dItalia 1968.

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When this is the case the origin of the part will be stated in the catalog. Identify the 150 The 150 version had polished alloy handle bar housings. The TV series three came equiped with front lambretta frame number dating brake for both the 175cc and 200cc versions. Colours Available 150 - Turquoise, White, Orange, Red & The Model A is quite a rare beast these days, and they command online dating what to write prices in Italy.

Spanish parts (key switch, fuel valve, air box) with the equivalent part from Italian models. Generally, Series III parts are also applicable to Servetas unless otherwise stated in the catalog. Take lambretta frame number dating machine on its individual basis, as well looked after Indian machines could be a better value buy then a bodged Italian machine.

Identify the 125 The 125 version had painted handle bar alloy housings. Forget stories of poor Lambretta frame number dating quality, as most Italian machines will have Indian parts fitted some where now!

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They did this by cutting the frame directly in half along cost of online dating sites quarters of its lenght, and welded in a strenghening plate.

The shops main Facebook page is where we post all our news, updates and goings on in the shop. Starting with the C, the basis of all Lambretta frames would be made of tube. Note that the serial number is a five or six digit number which follows the model designation (For example Li150S*443267) and that the next group of numbers beginning with the letters IGM are merely Italian government commission numbers similar to Department of Transportation numbers in the USA.

Identify the 125 The 125 version had a Special badge on the legshields, a larger style Lambretta badge, and lambretta frame number dating big 125 badge. If you are sure of your Lambretta year please send me the numbers and I will slowly work out the actual years. Numver Model D and LD were also among th first versions that were made outside Italy as Innocenti sold license for production around the world.

Sx models were the last of the 1960s styled machines with the chrome and polished trims / badges as lambretta frame number dating, plus benefitted from all the updates Innocenti made over lambretta frame number dating years. We Say Jhb dating only, you datong run faster then these mopeds.