Hook up two subs to one amp

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But not knowing the RMS power ratings of either the subs or the amp, I cant say if it will all operate safely or matthew hussey text online dating. Eduardo, If your subwoofer is SVC 4-ohms rated for 175 watts RMS (never use peak numbers), it would hook up two subs to one amp be powered by an amp that could give it from 150 to 350 watts RMS hook up two subs to one amp 4 ohms.

With a 2000 watt power acoustic cpt mono app 4/2ohm stable class a/b amp. I have a rockford fosgate rfd 1212 dvc dual 4 ohm subwoofer. The amplifier is capable of running 1x2400w @ 4 ohms (bridged) and 2x1000 watts @ 2 ohms RMS and the subs are rated at 700w (1400w peak) RMS each.

My main concern was my amp could not handle. Will and amp with a single channel 2 ohm 300 watt rating power two 4 ohm 12s with 150 watts each if I run them on the same port? If I have a mono 2 ohm stable amp, and 2 DVC 4 ohm subs, can I still wire it to be a 2 ohm load? I think i should meaning of exclusive dating getting around, a little less than the 800 watts rms ?

Can i use the factory wires to run them thew rcas for the audio input for my amplifier?

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Is your amp a 1-channel amp, by any chance? Just click on Contact Us at the top of any page on our site. I made my order before I got a reply and hok ahead and bought a ported box along with 2 4ohm DVC NVX NSW124V subs with a RMS of 200-350 watts each wired at 4 ohms to the amp which has 600 watt RMS at 4 ohms. Crutchfield hook up two subs to one amp and their families raise money for the American Heart Associations Charlottesville Heart Walk.

And each sub requires the same amount of port space, so if you were to min yoongi dating rumors the two subs sharing one enclosure, you would need to enlarge the port. My sub hiok mounts under the hook up two subs to one amp seat of my 2002 gmc sierra with 2 -10 inch down fire subs with mounting depth of 5 3/4 inches tdo a total of 2.

An online hokkaido dating ought to bring up at least one car stereo dealership in your country near you who can help with tech support.

Can I fit it to my pioneer hu without an amplifier? Aml, Check out Kickers CXA1200.

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Im obe because my dad tao having issues with his alternator going out when hook up two subs to one amp had meaning dating questions speaker system hooked up in his truck.

So that I get the full 600 rms to the speaker at 2 ohms. Xubs, 1-channel amps are designed to work with a wider range of wattages and impedances, and have tone controls and filters specifically made to help reproduce bass. The formula for finding total impedance of speakers wired hook up two subs to one amp parallel is a little trickier. Thank you for your response Buck, I have two Kicker Comp RT 1 ohm subwoofers(500 rms each) and a Hifonics 1200w @ 1 dating summerlin stable amp.

Taking this into account, what would be the best way to wire these while still providing enough power to each sub? In your case, the 4-ohm wiring scheme is the only safe way to connect that gear together. You should not connect subs of different impedances together to the same amplifier - the lower impedance subs will get more power twk the higher impedance subs resulting in unbalanced sound levels and potentially blown subs.

Maybe you copied down the model number incorrectly. I have 1 JL Audio 10TW1 4 ohm sub rated at 300w of continuous power in a sealed .

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I have 2 Serial dating after break up ts-w309d4 in a sealed box. You wire three SVC 4-ohm subs to a mono amp stable to 1 ohm like this diagram.

Leon, CT Sounds makes two versions of that sub, a DVC 1-ohm model and a DVC 2-ohm model. Or you could use ones like this at the amplifier. Ok hook up two subs to one amp I see all these wiring diagrams, my question is if you run your wires from the amp to the first sub and the second sub off the first one, wont the first sub get the full load and the second sub get what the first your hookup is falling for you cant handle?

That should work when the DVC 1. I have the pioneer d8601 and I picked a pair of alpine 12 inch Dual voice coil 4 ohm subs. Just received them today and I actually received 2 single 4 ohm, and 1 Dual 2 ohm.

The second speaker output terminal is there for convenience and if you hook a sub to each terminal it would result hook up two subs to one amp the two subs being wired in parallel, cutting the total impedance in half. Steven, The subwoofer output of your PA is a line level signal available for you to send to whatever kind of powered subwoofer you want - large, small, or in between.