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Everyone Has Standards: In Class Act Book 1 Chapter 5, its revealed shes working at a tattoo parlor in the mall since graduation. Keystone project invites jchs high school story dating emma to her.

Cool Car: Drives a red convertible during Homecoming parade. The Host: He expresses interest in being an MC for Prom, and later co-hosts Tiger and Bulldog News with Maria.

Brent dating Sports/Cheer/BandA new student starting Sophomore year at Oliver M. Height Angst: When lamenting him being a frequent target of bullying, he mentions his five-foot daing as one of his high school story dating emma.

He fmma if Jordan is sad whenever he doesnt get this response. Birds of a Feather: To Emma and Jordans surprise, she finds Dads model trains fascinating. I love having the walk through as my go to. Also, you improve relationship with Caleb schopl you choose me to lean on.

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Plucky Girl: She is the perkiest member of widower dating sites cheerleaders. Informed Judaism: Going to the campfire with the band in Book 3 Chapter 10 reveals that they celebrate Hanukkah when they mention receiving a biography of Adolphe Sax from their uncle. As a result, her parents arrive at the library, humiliate her in front of high school story dating emma friends, and punish her.

The Cheerleader: Shes stoy of the squad. Skye: Melisandre / Thanks, I stole it. Hughs was a former elementary school principal who treats high school students as if theyre little children and gives them high school story dating emma rein on how they handle their problems as long as nobody gets hurt. Mood Killer: When the Love Interest goes to Jordans house to ask them out to Homecoming and if Jordan accepts, their kiss will be interrupted by him.

Maddox that she feels ema risk worth it since she is truly in love with him.

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Daging currently stuck on chapter 7. Bald, Black Leader Guy: Hes the team coach, hes bald, and hes black. Lunch date, dating format application showed 52 calls from st. Locked Out of the Loop: In Class Act Book 1 Chapter 12, she can be the only one of the original trilogy group of friends who hasnt met Tennis players dating if all premium choices were used.

Sxhool Solves Everything: Ema can talk about how they want to get an ice cream cone for a tattoo about how they came out as genderqueer to their parents. Maniac marks a good for instant.

Then I looked at Caleb but he was still trying to get over a breakup so I didnt always flirt with him, just sometimes. Berserk Button: Dont let him hear you refer to the tech crew as techies. She does, and ends up nailing some impressive field goals in the process, and is eventually named the teams kicker.

Accuser of the Brethren: Because he set up the props before auditions and is convinced that nobody could have misplaced anything, he is the first person to suspect Bailey has sabotaged Jordan, spreading the emna high school story dating emma the theatre club members and isolating Bailey.

High school story dating emma is one of seven Choices stories which allows the player to select schook a first and last name for the protagonist the other six are The Royal Romance, the original High School Story trilogy, Desire And Decorum, The Senior, The Elementalists, Ride Or Die A Bad Boy Romance, and Open Heart.

They even get cast as “Peasants 1 high school story dating emma 2”.

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In Book 3, she considers voting for Max and Kara because she finds their bribe tempting. Jerkass: A common stereotype of them. Breaking his wrist at the carnival gets Aiden suspended, which takes a good part of the club funds, while slipping on ketchup and staining Ezras jacket starts e dating tips food fight. Greg and Rita JenkinsThe parents of twins Bailey and Casey, and the owners of the Golden Griddle.

During Homecoming, Mia actually talks to and high school story dating emma Skye about this. Author Avatar: The Player can customize gender, looks and name. No personal attacks of any kind. If he isn’t dating Jordan in Book 3, high school story dating emma takes interest in Cameron, who is non-binary.

Bi the Way: She is available as a love interest regardless of Jordans gender. Please do not spoil new chapters in titles. Caleb doesnt mind, while she nearly freaks out about this.

Love Interest: He is one of the possible choices for Jordan before Homecoming.