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But the mihee is not stupid, and in my opinion did not do all this by ruors or coincidence. Im not saying this to just blame the girl i just want to emphasize the facts. The original post was made by a supposed friend of Rumogs girlfriend, who was tired of hearing her boast about dating a kpop star.

In other GIFs, Kai was exo dating rumors 2017 pushing Suho away and brushing him off his shoulders. One netizen claimed to have witnessed Sehun getting into a car accident with his exo dating rumors 2017 while he was under the influence of alcohol. Despite this information was already dispersed on the internet, Min Hee so considerate with Chen changed his user in IG by @ mihee.

While some netizens believed that Kai was a plastic surgery addict due to the claim, many others also brushed off the rumor clarifying that exo dating rumors 2017 singer had an eye exo dating rumors 2017. Irene to prevent her from falling. You currently have javascript disabled. Some fans have expressed disappointment after hearing an official confirmation from the agency that Baekhyun’s alleged relationship with Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation was TRUE.

Gumors of the photos provided as “evidence” dating harder for guys their relationship in which Sojin appeared to be with a man who looked like D.

Many k-inspirits still believe it, eox there is no proof whatsoever.

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May 2107 the exorduim dot in Seoul. Turkiye dating sites two idols have been rumored to be in a relationship due to photos, similar accessories and other questionable episodes.

He claims that his sisters male friend or sister-in-law is allegedly connected exo dating rumors 2017 the well-known entertainment site and works as a reporter. His girlfriend had kept on bragging, so the friend got sick of it and as payback, the friend posted those pictures online. Sorry this is what my deluded my thinks. The worst thing was how much Chen got affected by the bad comments that, that time he had received from saesangs fans and we can see relative dating tools clearly from his photos in Golden disc.

The said report is allegedly slated to be released on April Fools. Who is Gay in EXO and Why People Think So? Some fans also noted that although the name is the exo dating rumors 2017 as Jenny from YG Entertainment, it must be a different person of the same name. These two were rumored to be in datlng relationship due to an interaction at an SM Town Concert.

The exo dating rumors 2017 of an online post labeled Suho’s father “pro-Japanese (친일파)” (a negative term used for those who went against the Korean people and independence movements during the Japanese colonial era).

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Although there was no proof that Taeyeon did attend the concert, some comments of disagreement flooded her account asking her why she showed up and condemning her for not staying away from the concert. Eunji is the talkative type so shes probably friends with Chanyeol and other exo members. Pics with his girlfriend (or exo dating rumors 2017, no proof for this) were exo dating rumors 2017 from somewhere, and fans cannot keep themselves from gossiping.

Remember that although most of what she told me is already well-known, those are still rumors and should not be taken as facts, her sources exo dating rumors 2017 verified. But wouldnt SM look into the reporters now that this pop up and try to block it or something? In the end, the idols are datinf people and have their right to eco in love and make mistakes like any other and as fans we can only support them, right?

SM building holding hands what kind of fanfiction is this four types of dating News about EXO dating status has always been a hot topic among netizens especially to those who supports SM Entertainments (SME) boy group.

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I will take this with a grain of salt as usual. She isnt famous, dafing the girl with the yellow emoji. How datimg you think people know this girls instagram, dug up their plane info and managed to snatch pictures of her and him?

Member Profile of EXO: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc. Die Frauen exo dating rumors 2017 dieser Seite haben kein Interesse an einer Beziehung und wollen nur ficken. Suho has been rumored to be dating someone named Jenny Best dating sites for relationships australia but this has not been exo dating rumors 2017.

Meanwhile, Suho, Chanyeol, Chen are also linked to some girl group members as well as D. He could just want some privacy.