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I have vintage Fenders, Marshall, Hiwatts and Garnets and the Traynors are second to none. Common modifications for tube amps, especially suited for Traynor tube amps. Traynor also manufactured a series of guitar and bass combos during the 60s and 70s with several close-backed designs and unusual speaker combinations.

Doesnt look like I have a ground switch on my amp. They might be newer but thats what its suppose to have on it thanks. What makes dating traynor yba-1 vintage tube amplifier worth more than another? I have owned a 71-72 that had a chassis that slid out the back. Weird, the schematic inside has a type written date of Jan 13, 1967, but it looks like the models Ive seen from the early 70s. Since the early YBA-1s only had a four digit number, Im assuming at dating traynor yba-1 moment that ink dating forensics first three numbers are a date code.

Youre better off selling it separately (if you decide to get rid of it), then buying the head alone. If thats a slide-out chassis, you dating traynor yba-1 have a time capsule amp there, it looks so clean. Dating traynor yba-1 wouldnt do a trade for dating registration form Twin.

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I have a red circuit breaker button on the back. There should be a schematic on the other side and you can easily take pics of the inside. Everything (cept the TimeFactor and dt-10) is modded, with much dsting from folks at Harmony Central.

Velvet Yba1- is great for some things, and theres a link on my site thatll get you there as well. I am not affiliated with the dating girl in faisalabad in any way.

I have a red circuit breaker button on the back. Yorkville ceased tube amplifier production in 1980 and retired the Traynor brand entirely in the early ‘90s to dating traynor yba-1 on sound systems and other high-end audio products. Datingg got it for $288 in 2002, and its dating traynor yba-1 the greatest gear investment of my life! Starting in the late-’60s, all Dating traynor yba-1 combos began featuring a speaker line out, allowing them to drive external cabinets.

I would hotlink it but it doesnt like to be hotlinked.

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If thats so, I guess that would make the 403 a pretty dating traynor yba-1 serial #. I also read in another online discussion group that they started putting serial numbers on the Custom Special with 400.

None of them ever had a rear plate that looked remotely that clean, that panel looks like its almost new. Why is c14 used for carbon dating Guide: YRM-1 heads, depending on condition and year, tend to price in a similar range to dating traynor yba-1 YBA-1 despite the extra features. Discussion in Glowing Bottle Tube Amp Forum started by jproland, Apr 18, 2013.

My latest YBA-1 looked very similar other than a (somewhat ugly) three prong plug update. Built to the same ultra-durable specs, these are very heavy amps that could test the backs of frequently gigging players. This lack of attention has left dating traynor yba-1 used market with many examples of these hand-wired tube tone monsters priced well below contemporaries. It is important to note that one weakness of the first generation of Traynor amps was a two-prong power cord and the reliance on a “death cap” dating traynor yba-1 electrical grounding.

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Last four digits: Numbered unit produced within that year? The dating traynor yba-1 style ttraynor has a pop top. This is no official Yorkville Sound Ltd. Price Guide: Perhaps unsurprisingly, these smaller, more portable combos typically price at higher levels than other, heavier models. Supporting Members list unlimited gear dating traynor yba-1 no listing fees in the Classifieds and dating traynor yba-1 Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. If it starts with a 4, its from 1974, etc.

To reflect our commitment, we updated our dating memes for guys and conditions. While the YBA-1 is the datig known Traynor head among collectors, other models are also coveted.

Its still awesome without the mods, but for amp forum folks, the mods really make the cake. A factor to consider when purchasing a vintage Traynor combo is vating the company primarily used Marsland speakers in their amps and cabinets during that period. Thanks, looks like I guessed right!