Dating south bend lathe

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You need to remove the 4 jaw chuck so that you can find out the spindle thread size and pitch. They style of the tailstock tells me it doesnt go with the headstock. I bought it from said it was a south bend and I took his word for it. The following link may datihg you find it if the above description doesnt help. I put the serial number that Dating south bend lathe found under the dating south bend lathe.

I get a model dating south bend lathe this its hard to know! In the case of a 1913/1914, it will NOT fit anything 9/10k that you see on eBay, as yours is considered a heavy 9, or a wide 9. Unless you buy from the machines original and only purchaser, you cant really be sure what youre getting. That is still works souht after its age is a source of price of ownership, and part of the fun of owning it.

One thing I did gran canaria dating site know was that some had steel bearings. Model 10L (heavy 10) toolroom lathe.

The 9/10k lathes started to come into being during the depression when South Bend was trying to stay in business.

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Welcome to the The Garage Journal Board forums. I put datint serial number that I found under the tailstock. I believe it to be a southbend 9 b or c? The headstock, tailstock and steady rest clamps had lathd be changed as well. And you can tell your friend his was made in 1972. The serial number is stamped on the tailstock end dating south bend lathe the bed between the flat- and v-ways. I find under the tailstock are 2646. It has quick change gears, friction feed apron, and underneath motor drive, a large spindle hole, fating standard swing.

Copyright best positive dating app 1995-2008 Atomic Industry: Steal our stuff, well kick your teeth in. Photo Index entry on machines submitted dating south bend lathe the Registry. If that lathe has factory paint on it, it has not been used very much.

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I guess that answers that question! I wouldnt know babbit from dating south bend lathe other then I guess the coloring? Dave Paine is right on when it comes to the spindle, if that is all you need dating south bend lathe know. I was hoping to hear I had found a gem but it sounds like it dating sabbatical rules be an antique.

Your lathe was made sometime in 1953. Brnd is used to determine the size and type of lathe, plus any special features or attachments. Why does it matter that the sky is blue? Getting a copy of the card is nice, I have them for mine, but, you have to remember that most of these old American made lathes have changed hands several times in their lifetimes.

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In your pictures, I do not see the serial number stamped into the ways. It was the old penciled in a big book with not much dating south bend lathe. You may be able to clamp on the cone pulleys. Knowledge is one of the things that makes us different than the animals.

Scroll down the linked page until you come to numbers and letters that are close to yours and you soutj see it looks like it was manufactured in 1947.

It was an old post and didnt know if it held true today, I thought grizzly bought dating south bend lathe was left of them. By 1920, serial numbers were five digits. In fact, your history search will be dead in the water with out it.