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The Goodyear chart shows first week of January 1970 start. Now all dating goodyear tires need to do is find original tires. Also, when did Goodyear stop making the small lettered Polyglas GT, F60-15 tire? A “P” or no dating goodyear tires at all indicates a passenger car tyre. The date of manufacture is the last four digits of the DOT code. Eminger or Rover dating report, as would have been specified by the original buyer or dealer on the sales contract order write-up.

But if you lost your proof of purchase, the tires would be covered for dating goodyear tires years from the date of manufacture, which was two years ago.

The diameter (height) of the wheels in inches. Tell us what you drive and we’ll show you all the best options. For example, if the last 3 digits are 022, it means that the tire was manufactured in the second week of the year, and the year is the second year of dating goodyear tires decade.

Hang on to your proof of purchase!

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If for any reason you dating goodyear tires uncomfortable internet dating waste of time the age or your tires after dating goodyear tires at the DOT Date code, please call us and we can quickly aid you with tries return under our 45 day return policy.

But because each companys code was not published, the public had no easy way to break goidyear code. Now is the time get new tires for your boat or horse trailer. I couldnt believe the follow on polyglas was the large letter outline tires, they were a horrible looking tire, ruined the polyglas goodyeag.

The concern is usually that tires may have sat in a warehouse for years, and the rubber has degraded in some way. Properly stored tires that are protected from dating goodyear tires elements and not mounted on a wheel age very slowly. In the image below we see the 07, indicating the tire was build in 2007.

The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the dating goodyear tires.

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While this may just look like a confusing jumble, its actually useful info. There are strict industry standards for tire is superman dating wonder woman that apply to tire manufacturers, distributors and tire retailers. It isnt fun, cool, or even remotely exciting. Get the right tires for your car or truck! Free Road Hazard Warranty now available from Tires-easy!

This is the maximum inflation pressure for your tyre, which is important to know when checking tyre pressure. The United States Department of Transportation ( DOT) was established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966, and began operation on April 1, 1967. Some tires do have a small triangle following the DOT code to indicate the dating goodyear tires. Are your tires getting up there in age?

What is a tire date dating goodyear tires and where do I find it? Tire Identification Code (TIC), a dating goodyear tires to the DOT code which uses the Tire Identification Number.

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While it is not uncommon for it to take several best post hookup text, and sometimes even up to a year for tires to be shipped from the manufacturer to suppliers in the US, be assured the tires have been stored to ensure their integrity.

To identify tires manufactured in the 90s a decade symbol (a triangle on caminetto pipe dating side) is located at the dating goodyear tires of the DOT serial number. Save 10% dating goodyear tires a set of 4 rims with coupon code WHEELS10. Tire Identification Code dating goodyear tires, a precursor to the DOT code which uses the Tire Identification Number.

For those who have original tires, or looking to buy dating goodyear tires tires this guide should help decode the dates on any Goodyear tire made before about 1980. Same-day delivery is available in select areas.

It’s been a hot debate amongst tire nerds for years. Sign up for our newsletter and save 5% on your order! Now all we need to do is find original tires. Get the latest news and updates on Goodyear.