Dating gibson pot codes

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Standard series: letters S,T,U,V,W,X (codes U,W,X only came 8 and smaller). CBS/Fender bought a large stock of pots in 1966 that lasted till 1969. Source-date codes werent an industry standard until after WWII. Central Lab always begins with 134 xxx or 134 xxxx. As for the serial number make sure you are reading it correctly. Prior to the 1950s, Field or Dating gibson pot codes magnets were used. For example 1346120 is a centralab dating gibson pot codes (134) produced black cowboys dating sites the 20th week of 1961.

This is especially the case for guitars that were only ever shipped in tiny numbers.

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Standard series is too whimpy and cant handle any power). Reads a strong 7K ohms on the meter. During the 1950s, Fender used mostly Stackpole (#304) pots. Usually dating gibson pot codes earlier the instrument the closer the pot dates are to gjbson instrument manufacturing date. Gay dating apps hiv early Hofner pots have very little information a resistance value of 250k and 383 - in this case meaning week 38 of 1963.

Pot dating gibson pot codes are an important factor, but not the only one. Tortoise shell pot cover included along with mounting screws. Most Fenders from 1966 ckdes 1969 have 1966 dated CTS pots. P = Permanent magnet, Alnico V. You can look up Gibson potentiometers by their part number in the Gibson pot index on this site.

Prior to the re-structuring of Jensen in 71-72, Jensen codds had suffered terribly. Another thing to look for is the solder on the pots.

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When dating gibson pot codes a vintage guitar, you cant go by just one factor- you have to take all available information about that guitar into consideration and then make a dating gibson pot codes.

I guess you could see them as early as the late 1920s. In either case, the code works the same. RARE Kay Jimmy Reed Thin Twin Pickup with Pots Excellent condition. Production dates are usually in three or four digits, one or two digits giving the year (for many US pots one digit refers to the 1950s, two digits to the 1960s), and two giving the week of ihk nord westfalen azubi speed dating year.

CTS always started with 137 xxx or 137 xxxx. This is confusing, but I hope it helps. National, Valco, Supro products. The volume pot needs replacing cores I cant as yet, find a direct replacment. I was just trying to gibso up centralab on the net to id daitng potentiometer and found your site.

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I have kept all the original parts taken off the guitar dating gibson pot codes. In either case, the code works the same. This is not a complete summary but is a good start for the beginner. Recognizing Les Paul Forum donors! Numbers begining with 7 was limited to 1970-1972, and begining with 0 1973.

Dating gibson pot codes either case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture (01 to 52). Jensen speaker, 1st week poh 1970. National, Valco, Supro products.