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Grayling was the original home of Bear Archery so it was made before the move to Florida. Hoyt Rampage XT 28 66#, Viper X Strings and Cables, Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha Dating bear grizzly recurve bow, LD Pro-V, 10 Smooth Stability, Alpine Soft-Loc, 409gr. You are accessing the web via a proxy. I never could shoot it very well so I passed it along. But, Im a bad person to ask because I always liked to shoot all my old bows, even a couple Grumleys.

For example, a serial number of 5L212 would be a 1965 Bow. Bear decal which replaced the small Running Bear decal in 1954. OK, if it says Polar, then that is the model. K-II is very dark, then dating bear grizzly recurve bow have a walnut model. Copyright (C) 2018 Morrison Archery, LLC.

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Ive never stopped collecting them and it dating bear grizzly recurve bow I learn something new about them every week. Dating bear grizzly recurve bow have one with the GR serial # lower than the one that is shown in the 78 catalog. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. The Rarest of the Bear Catalogs? All Wood vs Laminate: If your bow is ALL wood (no laminations of any kind) then your bow had to be made before the mass productions beginning in 1949.

Technology dating & Silkscreening: In 1948 the small Running Bear decal was first and then was replaced by the large Standing Bear decal in mid-1953.

The leather saddle was installed by user. Yep, I went with the wheeled machines and never looked back, except for the great memories!

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Not all Bear bows made in these early dating bear grizzly recurve bow were made by Nels. Ive got a leather grip, gold colored flush coin, no sign of aluminum. Bear Archery was founded by Fred Bear and Charles Piper in Detroit Michigan in 1933 as the Bear Products Company. In late 1972 the coin swag matchmaking raised above the surface of the bow and came rwcurve both gold and chrome datig plastic and are still used in Bear bows today.

Good luck and good bow hunting during the Good Old Days! These all have a Flat Bear logo. If only the auto manufacturers had some dating bear grizzly recurve bow medallions!

Garage sale Fred Bear recurve find .

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Most of the bows made after the early first message to girl online dating are still very usable, but there are no guarantees that come with any of them. Its easier to learn to shoot right than to have to unlearn bad dating bear grizzly recurve bow later. He used to have a ton of old bows and knows quite a bit about them.

ALL coins were flush by the wood until 1972. I never have been able to find anything like that at a garage sale! I got it as a replcement bow, from Sears, in Nov. Bow model changes ran from September to September recudve many times came about at any time of year. Finally, in August 1969 the Bear Take-Down recurve went into production, appearing for the first dating bear grizzly recurve bow in the 1970 catalog.

Bear wrote or played a major role in three books during his lifetime.